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About Thiesen-PhotoDesign

Thiesen-PhotoDesign as you know it now already exists since 2006 – but already in the 70s I took photos of equestrian events in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony (but barely any photos of that time exist).

The current focus is eventing – but occasionally other equestrian events will be added.

Equipment is Nikon only – with an exception for taking movies (that is mostly Canon).

Since the end of 2018 my website was recreated utilizing Stockbox Photo® Gallery Software. With that it was necessary to re-upload all photos – this tasks is still not completed, but all photos since 2006 still exist (if you are looking for photos that are still missing, don’t hesitate to send me an email).

Member of the International Association of Press Photographers (IAPP).


About Stockbox Photo Gallery

> Stockbox Photo® Gallery software provides an affordable solution for photographers, artists and artisans to display and sell their work online. Create your own stock photo library or online proofing system and stop paying commissions to third party providers. Our cross platform, server side software puts you back in control of your business. Our software combines PHP and MySQL to produce an inherently fast and highly scalable solution.

> A full featured online gallery maker and digital asset manager, that gives you the ability to auto generate thumbnails, watermark images, utilize a dynamic user registration system, view images in a slideshow, user lightboxes, integrated Rights Managed pricing calculator, batch upload of media, advanced search features, display a variety of media formats (images, video, audio) XMP format IPTC support and offer a variety of products (including instant downloads) with secure online payment processing. Now Stockbox also supports Credit, Duration and Package subscriptions.

> Our software can be used out of the box as a stand alone website, or it can be easily integrated into an existing site. The powerful web based admin control panel, gives you all that you will need to create a dynamic and exciting e-commerce enabled photo gallery website.



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